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Perhaps the best way to describe Ceinwen (pronounced “”Kine’-wen”) is that she is a musical and multi-cultural virtuoso. A naturally gifted musician, she is blessed with an exquisite voice with only ½ year of training. She has studied Chinese folksong for ½ year, piano for 5 years, violin for 2 years, flute for 3 years, and played autoharp since 1995. She has sung first soprano in a multitude of choirs, including the Bach Choir for 15 years, the Mendelssohn Choir for 1 year, the Pittsburgh Camerata for 20 years, the Pittsburgh Oratorio Society for 25 years and the Latin- American Choir since 2001. She has soloed for the Bach Choir and the Camerata, and has sung in the Community of Reconciliation choir since 1976, and has been a Church Organist for 1 year. Ceinwen is also active as a music teacher. She has taught music to children with learning disabilities for 7 years and piano for 5 years. She is on the faculty at Calliope House for Elementary Voice. She is also a UPMC Folk Singing Volunteer. Fluent in Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Polish and Portuguese as well as English, Ceinwen holds a B.A. in Russian from Stanford University in 1966, has studied Russian and Chinese for 1 year at the Graduate School at the University of Warsaw in 1967, and went on to receive an M.A.T. from Harvard in 1968 and a Certificate in Math from Duquesne University in 1974. She is retired from teraching  Russian, Chinese, and Humanities at the Pittsburgh Gifted Center. Ceinwen’s creativity takes many forms. Every Halloween, she can be seen wearing an elaborate costume of her own design and making. She hails from the Chicago area.
First Soprano