National Aviary
♪ Old Union Presbyterian Church Talent Show 

♪ Pax Musicata

♪ Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership/People's Gas Holiday Market

♪ Pittsburgh Public Market

♪ St. Barnabas Health System

♪ Stoop ‘’N Bend Garden Club

♪ The Union Project

♪ U.V. Loop Bus

♪ Whole Foods Market

♪ Nursing Homes

♪ Assisted Living Residences

♪ Retirement Villages

Places We've Sung
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♪ A December to Remember/Joy of Cookies Tour

♪ Art All Night

Art  Under Glass at Bedner's Greenhouse

♪ Bethlehem Haven Shelter

♪ Borders Bookstore

♪ Bryant Street Festival

♪ Carnegie Museum

♪ Christ Lutheran Church Street Fair

♪ Cooper Siegel Community Library

♪ Family Way Foundation Fundraiser

♪ Friendship Flower and Folk Festival

♪ Greenfield Parade

♪ Hurricane Katrina Fundraiser